About Me

I am Peter Ingersoll, and I know online marketing.

I love to apply my many years of digital marketing experience to help others succeed.

Ingersoll Interactive is my online marketing business. Based in Connecticut, Ingersoll Interactive provides marketing services for clients who want to build an online platform to be recognized for their expertise and personalized business.

What I do

Using primarily online marketing, but with capabilities in traditional marketing, I help individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses and nonprofit organizations succeed.

  • I help people get noticed.
  • I help businesses connect with their customers.
  • I help define and achieve success.

I do this by helping you build a platform consisting of a “home base” web site (if you don’t already have one) and various other elements to promote you and get you noticed. Think of your platform as all the interactions and content that sets you apart and above others.

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A brief history

I’ve worked retail and in customer service. I brought computers into new businesses and I helped bring online services to newspapers. I’ve worked in an advertising agency to develop web and interactive services for many clients. And I’ve worked for an international logistics company to develop intranet, Internet, and marketing materials.  That’s my scratch-the-surface overview.

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I was raised during a great time. I was born in 1963 in Connecticut, and I’ve lived here my entire life. I remember black & white TV and things taking a very long time. Adults (teachers) always considered me to be a creative person; I was certainly always very curious. I was always making things and experimenting. I built models and model rockets (lots of those!). I made a wind tunnel that used lines of smoke to show me how air moved over various surfaces. I started my first job when I was 15, and was the first in my neighborhood to own an Atari 2600. I could often be found in arcades playing video games and pinball. I graduated high school with some of the greatest people I’ve ever known (and still know) – Newington High Class of ’81!

In the early 80’s I made a decision that changed things forever for me. After a three semesters of college, I decided to spend my remaining college money on video equipment and go into the video business. This was before “pro-sumer” equipment and my expensive VHS equipment was the best I could afford – but it was not easy to produce quality videos. With a friend, we did weddings and other events. I did not have the luxury of digital editing, but I sure learned a lot about the creative process, running a business, and working with demanding customers.

During that time, I also worked retail. I eventually worked in a video rental store and soon became the manager. This was before Blockbuster, and independent grocers were opening stores across the state. After opening a number of Family Home Video stores, I went to work for another family to open “Now Showing Video” in Rocky Hill and Newington. Again, I was allowed to spread my entrepreneurial wings: I designed the store layouts, researched and installed the POS system (everything was hand-written before that), and purchased and maintained the video library. And, I worked directly with our many happy customers.

Then I went to work for The Hartford Courant. Starting in customer service, I created the first computerized scheduling system for our department. In a short time, I moved into Marketing and developed a number of marketing initiatives that used technology to do things that either were not previously possible or were done much less efficiently. I had no computer training, though. I was just someone who grabbed the tools available to me and figured out how to best use them to do what I needed or wanted. After developing interactive voice response applications and scripted telemarketing systems, I was then given the opportunity to help create and expand our first Web site. My primary skill was creating interactive (e.g. searchable) applications that used data extracted from the newspaper system. I also created our first Intranet and the content management system behind it.

Then came the opportunity to help a well established advertising agency in Connecticut start a Web development company. I worked with various companies – mostly B2B – and learned about their industries and markets. The success of our first sites helped us grow our team of two to a team of ten.

Next came an opportunity to work for a logistics company in Naugatuck, Conn. to help bring their Web site in house and under the Marketing department. Again, I also created an Intranet and, again, I helped our sales team market to and learn about many companies and their industries. Ultimately, we were acquired by a very large  (they are currently a $26 billion company!) global logistics company where I continued to support sales and marketing through the development of marketing materials, Web sites, and Intranets.


During all that time, I was all about entrepreneurial and innovative approaches to business. But I always thought that it would be much more rewarding to help other entrepreneurs develop their businesses. I know what it’s like to build something big with little capital and few resources – and, for me, it’s fun and exciting.

So now I work for people like you and companies like yours.

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My Logo

My logo is based on the twelve different pentonimo shapes that can be created by joining five squares together. Those pieces can be put together in many ways to create larger shapes. This represents the way I bring various pieces together to create a solid solution for your platform.