Personal. Respectful. Helpful.

I understand that online marketing can be intimidating. You know your own business better than anyone, but you may not know too much about marketing it online.

Don’t worry. I’m here to help.

I’ve been in your shoes a number of times, looking for an agency, freelancer, or other service provider to help me with a project or challenge. The most successful business relationships always include personal attention, mutual respect and helpfulness.

I will take genuine personal  interest in your goals and will suggest how to proceed as I learn more about you. As I learn about you and your business, we will develop your best plan forward. You will be involved through the process and I will make sure you know all the detail you wish to know (and spare you from those you do not).

You want to be comfortable with those you hire to help you. You want to know that they will take personal interest in your success.

While I hope you will find working with me comfortable, I guarantee that I will take personal interest in your success!

The best way to start is to ask me a question.